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Imperial County, commonly referred to as Imperial Valley, is located in Southeast California, along the Mexico border. Home to approximately 180,000 residents, Imperial Valley is known for being the winter produce basket of America with its thriving agricultural industry of over $2.6 Billion annually. The County is also recognized as being the 2nd largest in renewable energy generation by County in the State of California.

In 2023, a Lawrence Berkeley National Lab study conducted in partnership with the US Department of Energy found that there is 17 million+ metric tons of lithium available in the geothermal brine in the region! The area has since been coined “Lithium Valley”

Lithium from Geothermal

Clean Sustainable Solution | Produced in Harmony with Agriculture | Sourced in the US

About Geothermal

Geothermal power generation has been a sustainable power source in the Imperial Valley for over 40 years. This natural resource produces energy from the earth 24/7, 365 days a year and is capable of powering more than 300,000 homes!

Lithium Recovery

Lithium is one of many minerals found in the geothermal brine in the Imperial Valley region. It is a vital mineral in the batteries used by consumers in many devices including electric vehicles.

Companies in the Region

Currently, there are three companies developing commercial solutions for the recovery of lithium from geothermal brine in the region: BHE Renewables, Controlled Thermal Resources, and Energy Source Minerals.

Lithium & Community

The County of Imperial is committed to the economic opportunities of Lithium Valley benefiting the residents who call Imperial Valley home. We have developed educational, workforce, and community benefit strategies to support this goal and ensure a prospering local economy. We are building an environmentally-safe, innovative, and vibrant Lithium Valley that is welcoming of new businesses who wish to co-locate. Join us!

Education Opportunities for the Lithium Valley

Imperial County has partnered with local educational entities including San Diego State University and Imperial Valley College to ensure training is available to enter the industry at all levels. Our programs are innovative and inclusive!

Committed to an Imperial County Workforce

Imperial County is committed to building a robust workforce that is ready for today and the future! Our team is working with experts in the industry to identify gaps in training and develop strategies that empower a local workforce.

Industry Revenue that Benefits Residents

Imperial County is investing time and research to ensure its residents have a voice in how future revenue from Lithium Valley will benefit their community. We are excited about the collaborative vision being created!

Renewable Energy in the Region

Energy Portfolio

Our Renewable Energy Generation

2400 MW +

125 MW +

265 MW +

500 MW +



Generation, Extraction, Supply


Processing, Purification


Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics

Key Industries

Lithium Valley is ideal for many businesses including the following:

  • Battery Manufacturing
  • Recyclingof Materials
  • Byproduct Processing
  • Auto Manufacturing
  • Data Centers
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Battery Storage

Limitless Horizons

Join Us In Building the Future

An investment in Imperial Valley is an investment in the future! Imperial County is paving the way for an energy transition that will power California and the nation. We have developed incentives that support development in the region by collaborating with businesses. Read more about our programs below.

Engage with Lithium Valley

Imperial County is committed to engaging with its residents to provide updates on regional developments, seek input on future opportunities, and ensure the public has a voice in the future of Lithium Valley. Click the links in the table to the right to view current initiatives in progress or upcoming opportunities to engage.

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